AI image generator DALL-E 3 arrives on Bing

The upgrade is now accessible to all

Microsoft has announced the integration of OpenAI’s latest DALL-E 3 model into its AI-powered Bing Chat, enhancing its image generation capabilities. The upgrade, which has been progressively rolled out to Bing Enterprise and Bing Image Creator users over the past week, is now accessible to all.

Interestingly, Bing Chat has been granted access to DALL-E 3 even before OpenAI’s own ChatGPT, which is slated to receive the update later this month but only for its premium users. This could potentially position Microsoft at the forefront of the image generation domain.

DALL-E 3, the third version of OpenAI’s image generation model, boasts an improved understanding of prompts, leading to the creation of images that are both more creative and more realistic. Furthermore, it has been designed for user-friendliness and is integrated directly into Bing Chat and ChatGPT, rather than functioning as a standalone product.

In addition to Bing, Microsoft is planning to incorporate DALL-E technology into other applications. The company is developing an AI image creation tool, Paint Cocreator, which will integrate the DALL-E model directly into the Windows Paint app.

Although DALL-E 3 is theoretically accessible to all users via Bing, the service has been experiencing difficulties due to server overload caused by unexpectedly high demand, as acknowledged by Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin.

DALL-E 3 not only generates the requested image but also offers suggestions for further modifications, such as adding a rainbow in the background or transforming a dog into a cat. These interactive suggestions aim to enhance user creativity, although their implementation may be delayed due to server congestion in Bing Chat.

Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova

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