Coca-Cola introduces new zero-sugar drink created with AI

The company is trying to keep young people, interested in her products

Coca-Cola has made a new drink called Y3000 using artificial intelligence. Тhe company has been making these special edition drinks with mystery flavors for about a year and a half.

With them Coca-Cola is trying to keep people, especially young people, interested in their drinks. This is getting harder, because many people are trying to avoid drinks with a lot of sugar. To help with this, Coca-Cola is using their Creations platform to make new flavors like Y3000 that they hope will be popular with young people.

Тhe experts of soft drink manufacturer used a unique process to create their new drink. They started by asking people what flavors they liked and tried to find patterns that might tell them what the “flavor of the future” could be.

They then put this information into a special artificial intelligence system to help them come up with the flavor for the new drink. The result was a new kind of soda. Coca-Cola hasn’t said exactly what it tastes like, but people who have tried it say it tastes like a raspberry slushy.

As for the product’s packaging, which appears to be channeling Y2K aesthetics with peculiar bubbles, pink and blue hues, and a pixelated logo, Coca-Cola utilized images generated by artificial intelligence to create a mood board for inspiration. The aluminum can even proudly acknowledges its AI origins, stating that it was “created with artificial intelligence.”

Y3000, available in zero-sugar and full-sugar variants in the United States and Canada, will be offered for a limited time starting this Tuesday and will be priced the same as regular Coke.

Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova

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