New Slack AI will summarize your work conversations

This includes highlithing key information and overviews ot the threads

Slack announced its plans to incorporate chatbot technology into its platform earlier this year. Now, the company has launched a set of AI-powered features, including Slack AI and Slack Lists. Both features are being tested this winter before being released on a larger scale.

Slack AI will offer several in-app features, including channel recaps that highlight key information and one-click thread summaries that provide an overview of a thread. Another feature is search answers, which allows users to ask questions and receive related messages, files, channels, and an AI-generated summary in response.

Slack Lists allows users to organize and prioritize work tasks while collaborating with colleagues. The feature enables users to assign task owners, update task status, and discuss task details all in one place on designated threads.

If a user is mentioned in a list, they will receive a notification. Slack Lists also offers the ability to manage requests and approvals, and can be integrated with Workflow Builder, Slack’s tool for automating routine tasks.

Slack has also revealed improvements to its Workflow Builder tool. The updated version features a dedicated hub and is accessible to users with paid subscriptions.

Earlier this year, Slack began introducing new features powered by artificial intelligence. One of these features is the ChatGPT bot, which can assist users in quickly composing responses to colleagues. Another new tool can attend audio-only meetings, known as Huddles, on a user’s behalf and provide a summary of important points.

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