OpenAI launches a ChatGPT Enterprise plan

Many industries need special language models that understand their specific words and can make custom content

OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise – a new version of its AI service that offers companies more control over training and data storage. The service also provides increased security and privacy through encryption and single sign-on authentication. Additionally, OpenAI has opened up access to GPT-4, the large language model on which ChatGPT is based, offering unlimited higher-speed access and longer context windows for inputs and follow-ups.

A company in San Francisco has created a new tool that counts the number of tokens in a text. They also have a new version of ChatGPT for businesses that has a control panel for managing users, verifying domains, and viewing usage data.

Most big language models, like GPT-4 from OpenAI, are trained to predict what comes next in a text. Companies often use them for this. Even though chatbots based on these models can make mistakes, they are usually good at making accurate and interesting content.

Many industries need special language models that understand their specific words and can make custom content for their customers. For example, in healthcare, language models can read electronic health records, suggest treatments, or write summaries for patients. In finance, they can summarize earnings calls, write down meetings, and help find fraud.

OpenAI’s customers will soon be able to add to ChatGPT’s knowledge by connecting it with their own apps. This feature is still being developed, but OpenAI is giving free credits for its APIs to customers who want a custom solution for their business. ChatGPT Enterprise is available now, and the price depends on the needs of each company.

Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova

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