Wearable AI pin makes its debut at Paris Fashion Week

The AI-Powered device can help you ditch screens for good

Humane, a company established by ex-Apple leaders, unveiled with its new creation, the Ai Pin. This wearable AI assistant uses projectors, cameras, and AI tech. The Ai Pin was recently revealed at a Paris fashion show, Humane x Coperni, showing off its new design.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was the first to wear the device in public before its full reveal on November 9th, as stated by Humane.

The company describes the Ai Pin as a “screenless, standalone device and software platform built from scratch for AI.” It’s powered by an advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and comes with a mini-projector in place of a smartphone screen, along with a camera and speaker. The device can perform tasks like AI-powered optical recognition and is designed with privacy in mind – it doesn’t have a wake word, so it’s not always listening.

Humane, a startup co-founded by Imran Chaudhri, a key figure in the development of the iPhone’s user interface, first unveiled the capabilities of the Ai Pin at a Ted Talk in May. While the device was largely kept under wraps, Chaudhri demonstrated a series of futuristic features, including the ability to take calls while projecting details onto his hand. He also highlighted its capacity to translate English to French using AI technology, replicating Chaudhri’s own voice. Another notable feature was the “catch me up” function, which provides a summary of missed news and information.

Humane recently showcased its “disappearing computer,” the Ai Pin, at a Paris fashion show, underscoring its stylish appeal (available in both black and white). However, this aspect is subjective as there are few comparable wearable devices that attach to clothing on the market. The company will also need to navigate potential privacy concerns associated with wearing a camera, similar to the challenges faced by Google Glass, despite the undeniable appeal of the mini-projector. More details are expected when the device is fully unveiled on November 9th.

Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova

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