AI Helped To Restore The Last Song Of The Beatles

They tried to remaster the new song earlier, but the quality of the track was too poor, Lennon recorded it on tape, and his voice was virtually impossible to separate from the background hum. Therefore, it was decided to resort to the help of artificial intelligence.

IoT For Smart Cities 

The concept of smart cities is rapidly gaining momentum as urban populations continue to grow and the need for efficient infrastructure increases. Smart cities use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens by increasing sustainability, public safety, mobility and economic development.

Figure Shows Up Video of Figure 02 AI Robot 

Figura is one of the startups that could lead the competition to Tesla in the field of robot development. Its product is a humanoid robot Figure 01 with artificial intelligence, focused on performing a wide range of manual tasks. In particular, the robot is designed to perform complex, monotonous and unsafe work in warehouses instead of a person. The company has published the first video of its humanoid robot, Figure 01, walking.