Smart Mobility

Waymo Intends To Launch A Robotaxi Service In Los Angeles

The company Waymo, specializing in the development of autonomous driving technologies, plans to launch a robotaxi service in Los Angeles (USA). Now the company is only testing its unmanned passenger vehicles in this city. The company plans to obtain a license to carry out this type of activity in Los Angeles in order to expand the geography and volume of services provided. The company's unmanned electric Jaguar I-Pace crossovers, complemented by an unmanned driving system, have been tested here for about a year now.

Mercedes-Benz Showed An Electric Geländewagen With A “Tank Turn”

Mercedes-Benz brought to CES 2024 a prototype of the Geländewagen electric SUV, which can receive a “tank turn” function. Car and Driver writes about this. Mercedes-Benz EQG should debut before the end of this year, and the key factor determining the ability to establish its mass production should be the availability of Sila anodes with a high silicon content, which will make it possible to create a sufficiently capacious and not too heavy and bulky traction battery.

Hyperloop One Shuts Down And Sells Off Assets

Futuristic transportation company Hyperloop One will be shut down. Let us remember that she intended to create public transport of the future in the form of a network of low-pressure tunnels and capsules plying through them for intercity transportation of passengers and goods at aircraft speeds. Bloomberg reports the closure, citing its own sources.

GM Cruise Recalls 950 Self-Driving Cars

According to the NHTSA website, Cruise's voluntary recall is due to a potential deficiency in the response of the Cruise Automated Driving Systems (ADS) software after a collision. The collision detection subsystem may not function properly after a crash, resulting in incorrect responses. The recall will affect about 950 self-driving cars in the US, but Cruz has not ruled out the possibility of further recalls.