NASA And IBM To Develop An AI Model For Weather Forecasting

Existing AI models like GraphCast and Fourcastnet can already generate a weather forecast based on a set of data. But NASA and IBM have announced they have an ambitious goal to teach AI to truly forecast the weather. NASA and IBM plan to create an AI model that will have expanded accessibility compared to existing technologies, and will also be able to process more types of data.

Paint On Windows 11 Now Has AI Image Generator

Microsoft has added a DALL-E 3 generative AI feature to Paint in Windows 11 called Cocreator. With this innovation, it will be possible to create images based on a text request. The corresponding button in the updated version of the program will be located in the upper right corner.

Chatbot Bard Now Can Watch And Retell Youtube Videos

Google Bard, an artificial intelligence chatbot, can now retell the content of YouTube videos and answer questions about what it watched. This feature, available in test mode through Google Labs, allows you to save time and avoid watching uninteresting videos, but for some reason important to the user.

DeepMind Ceated AI for More Accurate Weather Forecasts

For the first time, artificial intelligence (AI) was able to predict the weather much more accurately than meteorologists using a traditional system of collecting and analyzing information. According to a study published in the journal Science, Google DeepMind's GraphCast neural network outperformed the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts in forecast accuracy.

OpenAI Developing The GPT-5 

OpenAI Developing The GPT-5AI technology developer OpenAI has begun creating a new flagship artificial intelligence model, GPT-5, company CEO Sam Altman said in an interview with the Financial Times. The new AI model will be more advanced than GPT-4, although it is technically difficult to predict in what aspect.

Elon Musk Introduced Grok: ChatGPT Alternative 

The businessman's company xAI has opened early access to the Grok chatbot, which is positioned as a competitor to ChatGPT. The developers talked about its advantages and features, and also compared their brainchild with alternative solutions in special AI benchmarks.

OpenAI launches chatbot builder

The American company OpenAI is preparing to launch an interesting update to its generative artificial intelligence system. As evidenced by screenshots and videos leaked online, users of the ChatGPT paid subscription will soon have access to the GPT Builder chatbot constructor. With the new service, users will be able to create their own bots with many of the same features available in ChatGPT.