Turned Out That Apple Vision Pro Is Easy To Scratch

The Apple Vision Pro headset has already found its way into the hands of tens of thousands of customers in the US, with some starting to test it in a rather harsh mode. Like JerryRigEverything did, for example. In a recently published video, the blogger uses tools to determine Mohs hardness. Small scratches on the front panel of the Vision Pro appear already at the second level, while at the fourth they become much deeper. These indicators correspond to the usual hardness of plastic, so with a high degree of confidence we can assume that the top layer of the front panel of the headset is made of plastic.

Disney Created The World’s First VR Floor For Moving In Place

The development of virtual reality technologies is inspiring researchers to come up with many creative solutions to various problems. One of the key problems is movement. Full immersion is difficult if the user is sitting on the couch while their avatar is moving around. The recently introduced HoloTile system offers an elegant solution. It consists of hundreds of small round “tiles”, each of which serves as a kind of miniature omnidirectional treadmill. The surface consists of modules that automatically adapt to the object located on them and, rotating, return it to its original position. Several people can be on the surface at once.